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Grow a Vertical Garden Indoors

Growing a vertical garden indoors is the same as growing plants in containers on the fire escape or indoors. Plants need the same thing, no matter how you arrange them. It’s a fairly straightforward process involving containers, a hanging system, water and soil. Growing a vertical wall garden indoors is the perfect way to get your herb garden without taking up precious kitchen space.


What is A Vertical Wall Garden?

A vertical garden involves a sort of container and system that lets you place the plants vertically. Most often vertical wall gardens are attached to the wall or lean against it. Any garden that meets this criterion is a vertical wall garden.  It’s really that simplistic and it’s just as easy to maintain as a regular garden.


What Can I Plant?

The sky is the limit for vertical wall gardens as they are essentially the same as regular gardens just vertical rather than horizontal. You can grow a selection of herbs in a vertical wall garden and hang the containment system on the wall of your kitchen. You can also make a vertical wall garden of veggies by using the right materials to create a structure able to support larger vegetable plants, like tomatoes. You can also choose to plant a selection of flowering greenery, vines or even cactus.  Anything of a reasonable size can be planted in a vertical garden. Just don’t expect it to hang on the wall with a large vertical garden as the weight of the soil and plants tends to make it difficult.

Indoor Difference
DIY Indoor Wall Gardens

You can make an indoor wall garden in a variety of ways. You can use recycled materials, like old gutters, or materials bought from the home improvement store. When it comes to making your own indoor vertical wall garden, there are many options and styles to create or buy.

Picture Frame

The picture frame is the simplest of the indoor vertical wall garden types. Start with an old picture frame or make your own frame. Then, attach chicken wire to the frame. Hold the wire in place with a second smaller frame—either bought or handmade. Attach the back to the second frame. Fill with soil, plant your favorites and water them.


Recycled Materials

Most materials can be reworked into a vertical wall garden. For example, you could attach three rows of gutters to a solid wall in the interior of your home. Fill the gutters will soil and plant with your favorite flowers, vines or veggies for a permanent feature wall.

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