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Vertical Graden Kit JupiWall – assembly stand is the exclusive product of the company is Sao Moc– smart tree wall system, allowing construction design tree wall system easily, flexibility in selection and substitution growing category tree.

Vertical Garden Kit JupiWall  is standing free garden accessories construction including 1m2 and has many advantages such as:

  • Easy to install – Do it your self
  • Easy to change the pot
  • Easy to maintain and care the plants
  • Easy and flexible to set up the irrigation system
  • Easy to expand





(1) Double-frame 32×52: 6 sets

(2) Pots : 36 pcs

(3) Screw with plastic washer: 12 sets

(4) Screw for hanging pioe: 18pcs

(5) Plastic thread cord: 20 pcs

(6) 16mm supplying pipe: 2m

(7) 16mm ending cap: 1pcs

(8) 16mm connector: 1 set

(9) 16mm transfering: 1set connector

(10) 6mm drip pipe: 7,5m

(11) 6mm ending cap: 10pcs

(12) 6mm connector: 10pcs

(13) Puncher: 1pcs

(14) Installation guide: 1 set


3 different designs can be arranged from double-frame set 32cm(W)x 52cm(H) as below:


Step 1: Installing frame system

  • Marking position of hole and using driller to make 2 holes at marked position on the wall
  • Using 2 screws with plastic washer(3) to fix the frame (1) on the wall


Step 2: Installing supplying pipe

  • Using 16mm pipe (6) for supplying pipe
  • Using plastic thread cord (5) to fix pipe on the right or the left side of frame system
  • Installing ending cap (7) in one end of pipe, and connector (8)/ transfering connector (9) in the other end, depending on each demand


Step 3: Installing drip irrigation pipe

  • Measuring width of frame systeam to cut off 6mm drip pipe (10) at accordingly length
  • Installing ending cap (11) in one end of pipe, and connector (12) in the other end of drip pipe
  • Using puncher (13) to make the hole on the 16mm pipe and connecting drip pipe into
  • Using screw (4) and thread cord (5) to hang on drip pipe at stable position


Step 4: Connecting system with water source or time/ controller ( if having)


Step 5:  Planting and hanging pot

  • Planting on the pot(2) with soft, light weight and enough nutrition soil mix
  • Hanging pot as index


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